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Dominique Rouquier
He spent the first part of his life rocking to Led Zep songs before returning to the jazz of Django that rocked his childhood. He immersed himself in the very demonstrative universe of the gypsy guitar. Besides his talent on stage, Dominique teaches the guitar at the Blois Conservatory of Music...

loloDLaurent Delaveau
He provides with his father the rhythmic part of "Les pommes…". Bassist by training, he has been interested in the double-bass since 2000. Just like his friend Rouquier, he was first seen in rock concerts... then dances. He then evolved in French music and swing. For nearly ten years he was Pascal Sevran’s bassist on television or on tour...

 Eric Eichwald
Well-known figure and inevitable in the middle of the swing Orléans. He is the successor of Peter for several years and now it replace permanently and have been forced retirement in October 2011 ...!

Laurent Zeller

He started the violin at the age of six. He studied for a few years in Strasbourg, where he befriended Tchavolo Schmitt. After winning a first prize of the conservatory and after various experiences Laurent finally found his definitive style in swing, while remaining attentive to the great masters. Laurent has also worked with Raphaël Faÿs for the past two years...

dave river
David Rivière
He is the third virtuoso in the group. He began the accordion at the age of eight. Very quickly, David’s talent stood out and he had a few lessons with Joe Rossi. Influenced by Jo Privat, Gus Viseur or Richard Galliano, his accordion is reminiscent of the best of “musette”, a genre particularly dear to Django’s heart...

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