The adventure began in March 2000 during a 'garden party' at some friends’ who, not used to doing things by halves, invited David Riviere’s excellent orchestra to provide musical entertainment for the evening ... You understand their choice better when you learn that young Dominique Rouquier is also the guitarist of this renowned band from Tours.

garden partyFurthermore Laurent Zeller, Pierre Delaveau and Laurent Delaveau were also invited as mutual friends. It was then that the idea of playing together started ...

After one or two tunes they quickly decided that a little bit of gypsy jazz would do them no harm, and might help to enjoy their “aperitif” and eat the savouries... No sooner said than done, they got together to play some of Django Reinhardt’s themes.

garden partyIt was an instant of great joy and spontaneity, of intense emotion and sharing of music... They immediately agreed to fix another date for a musical “apéritif”, and that’s how it all started "To date, no cases of dehydration have been detected within the group," we are told.

Time went by and as time would have it, a few months later, an old gentleman and authentic gypsy entered the record shop of Laurent Zeller and seeing a violin on the desk, he started a conversation ... This man, a guitarist and violinist, is a connoisseur... He is also a passionate fan of the gypsy jazz of Django.

Immediately they got on well together and the good old gypsy invited Laurent to his caravan in his gypsy camp. The gypsy in question was Anton Landauer...
Imagine the content of such an unusual encounter.

That evening was a magic jam session which gave the 5 musicians of the “Pommes de ma douche” a will to pursue this musical direction.

Later, and thanks to Laurent Zeller, they met his longtime friend, Mr Tchavolo Schmitt. The "Pommes" accompanied him at his concert at the "Club de la Chesnaie"...

Then Bireli Lagrene and the Gipsy Project came to the "Halle aux Grains" of Blois, and were presented to us thanks to Laurent Zeller...
After the concert there was a remarkable jam session which went on to the early hours of the morning at the bar.

[...]  It's after all these wonderful events that we decided to continue the adventure with great passion. They helped us understand what the real Gypsy Spirit, "Sharing"...
Hence we decided to record a first album

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